You Must First See It……

Donella Fields, RN, John Maxwell Certified Business Coach

Donella Fields, RN, John Maxwell Certified Business Coach

By: Donella Fields

Are you afraid to dream too big? Are you afraid to fail? How many times have you heard “the only thing standing in your way is you?”. It’s true! When I first began my career as a Business Coach, I envisioned something so grand, so monumental, that when someone asked me my goals for my business, I could see their eyes glaze over as if to say, “yeah right!”. I am now not only on track for all of those dreams to come true, but days away from the biggest moment in my career! We are all humans and find disbelief in not only our own abilities, but also the abilities of others when they share their vision. When you hear someone dream an extravagant dream, encourage them, and encourage yourself whilst you are at it. Abraham Maslow, is known for saying, “The Human Potential is Infinite” and it is. We can absolutely overcome any obstacle in our path, and become anything we have ever dreamed of, even achieving our most terrifying goals. We must first see them, and then move forward to acquire them. Find yourself a mentor, share your purpose, your vision and your goals, lay down the foundation and get moving. Your destiny is up to you. Today is the day you begin to write your destiny!

Donella Fields, RN
John Maxwell Certified Business Coach

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