pic of dogs at the spotsylvania dog park

Spotsylvania Dog Park

Spotsylvania Dog Park- an early beginning

Spotsylvania Dog Park. In 2011, a small group of Spotsylvania dog lovers banded together with the goal of building a public dog park for Spotsylvania County. The group realized that with approximately 28,600 dogs in Spotsylvania County the need for a dog park is great. Fundraising began with the hope to obtain land in a suitable location. The dog park volunteer group approached Spotsylvania county government, proposing building a dog park in Patriot Park. However, when cost estimates exceeded $200,000, the county government’s decision was to use the money for other recreational purposes. The very determined Spotsy Dog Park volunteer group was not deterred. They incorporated as a non-profit charitable group and the Spotsy Dog Park Committee was born


June 2015, Dollar General Stores generously donated 2.9 acres of beautiful land at 10601 Gordon Road ,designated specifically for the construction of a public dog park. Funds on hand were used for surveying, preparing a site plan, and clearing the property. The site plan was approved in 2017 and the Virginia Department of Transportation entrance permit was obtained in April 2018. Luck Stone, generously donated gravel for the dog park driveway and parking lot.


Fencing is the largest expense of building a dog park and will cost close to $23,000. There will be two, almost half acre, large play areas with separate off-leash entrances. The perimeter fence will be five feet high, and have large gates for maintenance access. Spotsylvania Dog Park County water connection will be made once the $6,600 county tap-in fee is donated. The parking area will have 20 spaces, including a paved handicapped space. Approximately 25 percent of the fence cost has been raised. Nearly thirty thousand dogs living in Spotsylvania need a safe, well-supervised park where they can exercise and play. Not all dogs have access to a fenced yard. For those dogs, the Spotsy Dog Park is urgently needed.


Your donation will mean the world to Spotsy dogs who need a place to exercise. Donations can be made on Facebook to our “GoFundMe” page, or by mail to P. O. Box 42236, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. Donations are tax deductible. Spotsy Dog Park will be open to everyone. We would love to welcome you into our dog-loving volunteer group. Monthly meetings are posted in the Free-Lance Star and on Facebook. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at Salem Church Library from 7-9 pm, rooms 3 and 4. The website is https://spotsydogpark.net/ 

Join us! If you have ever seen the wild joy of dogs in motion, leaping and galloping, you know why a Spotsy Dog Park will make this area a better place.