How to Spend the Fall in Stafford, VA

Picture of leaves in the fall in STafford

Many people will probably agree that fall is the best of all seasons. The leaves change color and paint the roads, parks, and sidewalks magically golden, red, and orange. You can smell pumpkin lattes in every cafe you step in. There is excitement in the air about the approaching Halloween. Scary masks are being carefully crafted, and candies are being bought for the trick-or-treaters. And it ends with the most fabulous holiday of all, Thanksgiving. But the topic of our article today won’t be about fall in general; it will be more specific. We will focus on a tiny but lively place in Virginia called Stafford. Even more specifically, the focus will be on how to spend the fall in Stafford, VA. Every area has some fun fall activities and entertainment unique to them, including Stafford, and we will explore that today. We will share the best things you can do in Stafford as a family with kids and some you can do alone or with friends.