Children’s Museum of Richmond

It’s 540-656-2233. The address is 1275 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg VA 22401
The Children’s Museum of Richmond (CMoR) has been serving children and families from throughout Virginia since 1981.  In that time, more than a million children and families from Richmond and throughout Virginia have explored interactive educational experiences that have stimulated their interest in art, science and the humanities.  Last year, the museum welcomed 427,889 making it the 8th most visited children’s museum in the country. In May of 2014, CMoR opened its fourth location in Fredericksburg.

Children’s museums are places where children learn through play and exploration in environments designed just for them.  Reflecting Richmond’s diverse community, CMoR creates playful, interactive learning experiences. Children’s museums are unique in that they serve all children from across the socio-economic spectrum.  Part of the magic created daily comes from children with every advantage playing and learning alongside children impacted with developmental and/or economic challenges.  An active and successful children’s museum is often the only place in a community that touches every family and gives them shared learning experiences, no matter their socio-economic situation. 

The Children’s Museum of Richmond has a rich history of service to the entire community, with particular emphasis on programming for children from economically challenged areas.  Last year the museum welcomed 99,172 guests at a free or reduced rate. The museum has been recognized for its service to the Richmond Public Schools through SOL-based education programs, its success with Head Start participants, its efforts on behalf of children in foster care and its unique work with children identified as having special needs.  From single teen parents learning to play appropriately with their babies to children from subsidized housing enjoying healthy breakfasts while learning about the importance of good nutrition and exercise, the Children’s Museum of Richmond continually offers programming that directly impacts vulnerable populations.

CMoR offers families the unique opportunity to experience learning in a fun and engaging environment. According to a University of Illinois study, children are bored a staggering 50% of the time they learn in schools. By allowing the children to learn through play, learning becomes invigorated. While Children’s Museums add joy to learning, they also include parents in the learning process, which contributes positively to development.

CMoR is the first cultural organization most children visit, and is a complement to the efforts in schools, child-care centers and homes to enrich the lives and education of children.  In fact, all educational programs the museum offers are in accordance with the Virginia Standards of Learning and Virginia’s Foundation Blocks of Early Learning standards.  The museum offers an experience for children to build a foundation for future appreciation of other art and cultural institutions and create a life-long love of learning and commitment to the arts.

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